Monday, June 2, 2014

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Look at me blog! 

more photos.

Butcher block counter, cedar ladder which locks into lofts for safety.


A view of the bench.  We had baskets that fit underneath it for storage.

Sitting in one loft looking to the other.  Walls and ceiling are 1/4" panel board primed and painted with two coats.

The window in this loft is a 'picture window' - it is above the porch.

The outdoor light.

The P9000 Dickinson Marine heater.

Truck and me towing tiny!

How we had it arranged during our time there.


Here is Blue Door Tiny House posted at my in laws house.  Yee HAW! 

This is what I call 'the garage'.  The door to the left opens up to the water heater - an on demand Eccotemp FVI-12-LP High Capacity Propane water heater.  You can find it on Amazon here - Eccotemp Water Heater retails at $340.
Behind the other section is a battery and battery charger.

The two lines coming out around the wheel well is the service for the toilet.

This fancy porch has an exterior outlet (so my wife could hang Christmas lights).

From the front door looking in to the kitchen.

From the kitchen looking out toward the front door.

Our fancy bathroom. The shower head is mounted up top, just follow the tube; an opportunity for a curtain to cover up!  Also, the macerating toilet.

The cabinets are quiet - you can slam them and they glide closed.